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Why Does Herr & Company Have Carpenters On Staff?

When you’re researching quality, local carpenters for your next project, look no further than Herr & Company. From residential to commercial construction, we have finish and rough carpenters on staff to give you peace of mind and provide quality control throughout the project. By keeping carpenters on staff, we are able to deliver a higher quality project, built to last.

How Do I Estimate The Cost Of Building A New Home?

The cost to build a new home can vary dramatically, depending on your requirements and expectations. Are marble countertops a priority or does solid cherry flooring reign supreme? Determining what you want and what you need is the starting point when estimating the cost of your new home. At Herr & Company, our experience tells us that the clients who have the best experience building their new home are those that have done research and determined the list of products and features they feel are necessary to their new home build.

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How Do I Choose A Builder? What Makes Us A Good Fit?

Choosing a company or individual to whom to trust one of your most significant investments can be difficult. You want somebody that understands you and your vision, even if you can’t articulate it perfectly. At Herr & Company, our clients tell us they hire us for our creative interpretation of their vision and clear communication from the very beginning. No matter the project: commercial, remodel, renovation, or new construction, Herr & Company is committed to providing quality work at a fair and honest price.

Five Important Questions For First Time Home Builders?

From picking a contractor off a webpage of custom home builders to choosing the architecture that reflects your style and the plot of land on which you plan to build, there are many decisions that need to be made when building a new home. It’s helpful to write down some questions you might ask yourself during the process. At Herr & Company, we put together some questions we would ask ourselves and discuss with our spouse prior to starting the project.

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Why Hire A Professional Builder For Foundation Stabilization?

When you’re in the market for an expert on foundation repair and stabilization, choose a professional builder. Their knowledge and experience gives them the skills to diagnose the problem and formulate a dependable plan of action. At Herr & Company, we understand the intricacies and the importance of solidifying the base of support for your home or business, every other part of the house relies on that stability. This is not the project on which to take shortcuts or skimp. Do it right, your home depends on it.

Five Questions To Ask Prior To Remodeling Or Restoring Your Home?

When you’re choosing from local contractors to remodel or restore your home, it’s important to put together questions to discuss when you first meet. These questions can be a great way to determine the pros and cons of choosing one company over another and to determine your expectations and budget for the project. At Herr & Company, we believe an informed client is a good client. We put together a list of questions we would use, if we were choosing a contractor:

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In A Farmhouse Remodel, What Needs The Most Work?

If your next home remodeling project is on an old farmhouse, get ready for some changes. Older homes typically require updates to the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. To support modern kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and your overall comfort, these three areas often require fairly significant updates. In order to maintain the unique charms of the architecture of your home, it is best to choose a creative and experienced contractor to run and organize your project.

Restoring My Home: What Skill Sets Should My Contractor Have?

Home restoration requires a contractor with certain skill sets that not all contractors possess. Attention to detail and the knowledge of historical building practices are at the top of the list, along with relationships with local craftsmen still committed to the old way of doing things. At Herr & Company, we are celebrating almost forty years in the building industry with an emphasis on historical restoration in Virginia. Here are the top 5 skills we recommend you prioritize when choosing your next contractor: