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Five Important Questions For Home Owners Looking For A Custom Home Builder?

From picking a contractor off a webpage of custom home builders to choosing the architecture that reflects your style and the plot of land on which you plan to build, there are many decisions that need to be made when building a new home. It’s helpful to write down some questions you might ask yourself during the process. At Herr & Company, we put together some questions we would ask ourselves and discuss with our spouse prior to starting the project.

  • Why am I building? This is a pivotal question because, remember, most homes that are on the market can be renovated and remodeled to accommodate your needs. Are you building because you cannot find a home on the market that reflects your style or did you inherit a piece of land? Your answer to this question will help clarify your expectations.

  • What are my expectations? Do I want an open concept home that allows for easy flow from kitchen to family room or do I need a more formal home with distinct family and entertaining areas. Does my builder need to prioritize my needs over my budget or my budget over my needs?

  • What takes priority? Budget, time, style; etc? Choosing the aspect of your build that takes top priority will give you a clear focus as you plan and implement your project.

  • What Style of Architecture Do I Want? Narrow down your options. Look up pictures online before you meet with your builder and architect. Pay attention to friends homes and write down what you do and don’t like.

  • What Interior Finishes Do I Like? To get a clear idea of the price on your new home, start thinking about the flooring, tile work, kitchen cabinetry; etc, that you like. Any builder will be able to use that information to give you a more dependable approximation of the cost to build your home.

Use this as a guideline to planning your first, second, or even last home you build. Contact Herr & Company when you’ve discussed your ideas and let them take on the hard work.

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