Are You Looking for a Building Contractor to Handle Your Dental Office Construction in the Shenandoah Valley?

Herr & Co. is the best local contractor to create a work space that calms your patients and energizes your staff.

  • Care and Craftsmanship – Custom dental office construction demands attention to the finest details, and Herr & Co. specializes in such precision. Your office reflects your brand and affects your patients from their arrival to their departure. Our keenness for selecting materials and designs that match the personality of your business is a strength that you will not find with large, impersonal construction companies.
  • Relationships with Top Technology Suppliers – In our rapidly-changing technological world, having the newest advances in your field gives you a competitive edge. Herr & Co. has established relationships with lab technology providers and medical equipment suppliers who can offer the best solutions for your dental office construction.
  • Sustainability – We practice sustainable building, and our energy-efficient construction both protects natural resources and saves you money over time. Herr & Co. brings fresh air, electricity, clean water, and cutting-edge technology to your office while also being environmentally friendly.
  • Compliance with Building Codes – Herr & Co. pays close attention to state and local building codes that affect the decisions involved in your dental office construction. Our two generations of Class A contractors on staff balance your preferences and budget while obeying the code requirements that keep your staff and clients safe and comfortable.
  • Open and Frequent Communication – We are a family-owned business that knows the importance of direct and clear communication. We walk with you throughout each part of the process–quite literally–with weekly on-site walkthroughs. You will see progress for yourself while having access to our team members for questions and comments about your project. Our construction project management software allows you transparent access to the progress of your dental office construction.

While You Build A Brand, Let Us Build Your Office.

Building a new dental office location or upgrading your existing space is an exciting opportunity to introduce both new and existing clients to your high-quality services. While you focus on building an image, we’ll handle the details of your project. We build your office to embody your business’s personality by helping you choose the fixtures and finishes that optimize your space and make it unique. Our relationships with local architecture and interior design firms allow us to seamlessly create the office of your dreams while keeping your stress at a minimum.

Smart Building Practices Since 1988.

With two generations of Class A contractors on our team, we bring experience and innovation to commercial construction, residential custom home builds, and remodels. We specialize in passive solar and small-footprint construction which can be applied to dental offices as our society works toward greener business practices. A time-tested contracting process and experience in various types of construction make us a smart choice for business owners in Virginia. We bid each job as accurately as possible and provide itemized estimates to give you every piece of necessary information before beginning your project.