In A Farmhouse Remodel, What Needs The Most Work?

If your next home remodeling project is on an old farmhouse, get ready for some changes. Older homes typically require updates to the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. To support modern kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and your overall comfort, these three areas often require fairly significant updates. In order to maintain the unique charms of the architecture of your home, it is best to choose a creative and experienced contractor to run and organize your project.

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Modern Bathrooms With Vintage Charm.

At Herr & Company, we understand you want a bathroom that is vintage in design, but not function. While it’s charming to have a clawfoot tub, a shower is often necessary for the busy professional. We pride ourselves on our relationships with local subcontractors experienced in taking older plumbing systems and retrofitting them to accommodate newer showers, sinks, and faucets.

Stay Cool In The Summer And Warm In The Winter.

The high ceilings and windows of older homes bring character and grandeur that newer homes often lack. Unfortunately, these features can create difficulties when heating and cooling your home. Adding or adapting ductwork can add bulk to a space that you love for it’s open feel. Herr & Company works directly with heating and cooling professionals that customize their ductwork, making it less bulky and overwhelming.

Functional Kitchens Keep You Efficient.

Homes built before 1940 have old style electrical systems, like knob and tube, that can be dangerous and too low in voltage to fuel modern appliances. Updating your home may require an overhaul of the entire electrical system. Herr & Company understands the current requirements to keep your home up to code and the relationships with local electricians capable and experienced at making the necessary changes.

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