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Restoring My Home: What Skill Sets Should My Contractor Have?

Home restoration requires a contractor with certain skill sets that not all contractors possess. Attention to detail and the knowledge of historical building practices are at the top of the list, along with relationships with local craftsmen still committed to the old way of doing things. At Herr & Company, we are celebrating almost forty years in the building industry with an emphasis on historical restoration in Virginia. Here are the top 5 skills we recommend you prioritize when choosing your next contractor:

  • Highly Organized. No matter the project, the better your contractor’s organizational skills the more likely your project is to stay on schedule and on budget. While there can be unforeseen situations, the organized professional is able to accommodate and communicate the new schedule and budget across the project’s scope and to all the tradesman associated.

  • Attention To Detail. Restoration projects are especially complex. From maintaining historical accuracy to the decades old problems that cannot be neglected, it’s important to choose a contractor that looks for possible problems and has the technical understanding of old building principles to restore your home appropriately.

  • Relationships With Craftsman. From vintage staircase spindles to plaster walls and old brickwork, it’s ideal that your contractor has established relationships with local craftsman committed and experienced in working on the intricate parts of your home that make it so unique.

  • Problem Solver. The best contractors refer to themselves as problem solvers. They are committed to defining any problem and establishing a plan of action that solves or eliminates any issues.

  • Communication Skills. You need to be able to trust your contractor with your investment and the best contractors strive to communicate the scope of the project effectively and with care. The more you understand, the better your experience which makes for a successful project.

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At Herr & Company, we are committed to restoring your home to keep it in the family for years to come. Your investment is our investment and we work painstakingly to maximize its potential for you and your family.

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