Why Does Herr & Company Have Local Carpenters On Staff?

When you’re researching quality, local carpenters for your next project, look no further than Herr & Company. From residential to commercial construction, we have finish and rough carpenters on staff to give you peace of mind and provide quality control throughout the project. By keeping carpenters on staff, we are able to deliver a higher quality project, built to last.

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More Control Means Fewer Errors.

We employ qualified and experienced carpenters vetted by both Jim and Mike Herr. Our expectations are communicated frequently and reaffirmed throughout your project and because we are not totally dependent on a subcontractor for your finish carpentry, your job is completed in a more efficient manner and to the standards we require. When you have a project that requires attention to detail and clear communication, contact Herr & Company to learn how their process can work for your project.

We Offer Workman’s Compensation Which Gives Us A Competitive Advantage.

Skilled and experienced carpenters prefer to work for a company or business that offers them a generous workman’s comp package. At Herr & Company, we believe in treating our team like family and compensating them generously. By providing our team a safety net, we are able to recruit and keep the best carpenters on our team.

Trust Your Project To A Family Business With More Than 40 Years Experience.

We are proud of our history serving clients throughout the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and it’s surrounding areas (//herrinc.com/about/ ) . Our experience doing commercial bid work and residential restoration means we have the portfolio to take on any project of any size. Our team is committed to providing quality work at a fair and honest price. Contact Herr & Company to learn how we can help you plan and implement your next project!

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