How Do I Estimate The Cost Of Building A New Home?

The cost to build a new home can vary dramatically, depending on your requirements and expectations. Are marble countertops a priority or does solid cherry flooring reign supreme? Determining what you want and what you need is the starting point when estimating the cost of your new home. At Herr & Company, our experience tells us that the clients who have the best experience building their new home are those that have done research and determined the list of products and features they feel are necessary to their new home build.

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Meet With Your Architect.

A good set of plans makes all the difference when procuring a detailed estimate of the cost of your home. The more accurate and conclusive this document, the more reliable and accurate the new home build quotations. Once you’ve tentatively finalized all the details of your architecture, fixtures, and appliances, contact several builders to price the job for you.

Visit Your Local Showrooms.

Visit cabinetry, kitchen and bath, and appliances showrooms to check out options and get an idea of price. Viewing things in person rather than exclusively online can make a significant difference. You may find that what you like online isn’t what you like in person.

Herr & Company Provides Detailed Estimates.

Be wary of contractors who provide allowance-only estimates- especially if this is the first time you’ve built a home. In our experience, allowances can be deceiving. With such variation in the price of housing products, sometimes what we want costs more than we think. Doing the preliminary research on the features and fixtures in which you are most interested provides a much more detailed and accurate estimate. At Herr & Company, we believe communication minimizes confusion and gives our clients peace of mind. When you give us a detailed plan, we have the experience and contacts to provide a fairly accurate estimate of the costs of your project. Our process ensures you have all the information necessary to make the decision that works best for you and your family.

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