How Do I Choose A Builder? What Makes Us A Good Fit?

Choosing a company or individual to whom to trust one of your most significant investments can be difficult. You want somebody that understands you and your vision, even if you can’t articulate it perfectly. At Herr & Company, our clients tell us they hire us for our creative interpretation of their vision and clear communication from the very beginning. No matter the project: commercial, remodel, renovation, or new construction, Herr & Company is committed to providing quality work at a fair and honest price.

Jim Herr, Herr & Co. Residential and Commercial Construction

Pick A Problem Solver, Not A Complainer.

Complications arise on every construction project. How your builder handles those complications is the distinction worth noting. When interviewing potential builders, ask questions about how they would handle a specific situation, just like a job interview! Their approach to those questions might be just the information you need to choosing the builder that works best for you and your project. At Herr & Company, we pride ourselves on being effective and creative problem solvers. Our clients tell us that we make projects fun and easy!

Trust Your Instincts.

If you get a good feeling about a potential builder for your project, trust that instinct. That’s not to say you should disregard all the previous advice we provided, but you should keep that feeling in mind when making your final decision. Sometimes it’s history or personality, but if your style of communication jives with a particular contractor, take that into consideration.

Herr & Company Is Also Interviewing You.

At Herr & Company, we believe the relationship between contractor and client requires the effort of both parties. As a contractor, we depend on our clients to communicate their expectations and concerns. In turn, we offer frequent and detailed information throughout the project so that you stay informed.

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