Aging-In-Place, Home Remodels and Construction

Your Needs Meet Style And Function For Aging-In-Place Remodels And New Construction.

We emphasize accessibility for the long-term, looking to improve functionality in the home before it’s needed so that aging-in-place preserves independence and minimizes risks. Our process begins with listening to your vision for how the space will ideally function and, in the case of remodels, assessing the scope of work required to deliver that functionality. Our experience in ADA compliant construction lends expertise and technical know-how to the estimation process, providing you with options to enhance independent living in your home. New construction affords the opportunity to embed ADA compliance in each and every decision to produce an accessible, universally designed home for aging in place.

Enjoy Your Home Longer With ADA Compliant Features Designed For Independent Living.

Many aging-in-place construction projects include such features as walk-in and roll-in showers, installation of grab-bars throughout the house, and expanding the width of doorways and hallways. Relocating bedrooms and expanding bathrooms can keep someone in their home for years longer when stairs are eliminated from daily use in the home. We also engage universal design practices in the kitchen and laundry to provide ease-of-use that can greatly support independent living. Take a look at our gallery for examples of our ADA compliant work.

Herr & Co. Provides Flawless Universal Design Construction.

We have the training, knowledge, and experience to successfully deliver flawless universal design construction. Wide hallways, low countertops, smooth floors at one level, seamless elevators, strategically located power switches and appliances, and easily accessible entrances can maximize independent living in the home. Our commitment to fairness and integrity in our builds is squarely aligned with universal design principles. This synergy affords us the opportunity to apply our sustainable construction practices to a stylish and functional ADA compliant remodel or new construction that has long-term value in the home and for the homeowner.