Passive Solar Harnesses Our Most Abundant Renewable Resource: The Sun!

By opting for passive solar, you are gaining the capacity to let the sun’s natural light directly work with your structure to provide heating and cooling. We plan with the landscape features such as shade trees to position the orientation of the windows and doors for full or partial sun at the right times of year. The design is considered passive because no additional mechanical assistance is required to maintain comfortable air temperatures. Take a look at our gallery to see the superior outcomes from passive solar designs that we have built.

Get The Most From Your Build With Passive Solar Integrated Into The Design.

Herr & Co. listens to your needs and long-term goals for your new build. We work to provide optimal solutions based in experience, research, thorough examination of the build site, and accurate estimates from trusted building partners. Building from the ground up, our process allows us to apply our knowledge of passive solar solutions before we break ground. This maximizes our ability to provide you with the best value in your build. For example, we are able to plan into your construction the right solutions to take your space to the highest level of air tightness, which minimizes your heating and cooling costs by eliminating nearly all air leaks.

Herr & Co. Maintains Passive Solar Certifications To Offer You Top-Quality Planning and Construction.

Mike Herr maintains all certifications to provide the most effective passive solar solution for your build. He expertly applies passive solar principles including finding the ideal orientation of the construction, positioning overhangs and shading appropriately, locating doors and windows for maximum benefit, and using thermal mass well. From the planning phase to the construction, our expertise adds great value through detail orientation and service with integrity. Our commitment to sustainable construction practices includes a deep knowledge of how to truly deliver a build that makes sense.