Welcome to the Valley

The Shenandoah Valley is a treasure of the Commonwealth, and we are fortunate to be a part of its community.  We take pride in working hard for you as a company here at Herr & Co.—but that does not mean we don’t have fun! Whether you are new to the area or an old friend looking for something new to explore, meet our crew and learn about their favorite spots here in the Shenandoah Valley.  We’ll see you out there!

Jim Herr, President & Founder

Favorite Restaurant: Blue Stone Inn
“Blue Stone has been a favorite for 30 years.”

Favorite Local Shop/Store: Warfels Chocolates
“It’s a third generation farmers market vendor with treats perfect for any holiday celebration or craving.” 

Favorite Entertainment: small theatre comedies
“BlackBox Theatre productions have been my favorite.”

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: any horseback trail riding location
“My wife and I have plans to ride in all 48 lower states. We are currently 30 down with 18 to go!”

Jim Herr - Herr & Co. Building Contractors
Mike Herr - Herr & Co. Building Contractors

Mike Herr, Vice President of Production

Favorite Restaurant: Taj of India

Favorite Local Shop/Store: Mossy Creek Fly Shop

Favorite Entertainment: Fly Fishing
That counts, right?

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: anywhere in the surrounding National Forests and National Parks
Find the spot for you at https://www.nationalparks.org/explore-parks/all-parks

Sam Carter, Estimator & Project Manager

Favorite Restaurant: Billy Jack’s
“Good food and a fun atmosphere.”

Favorite Local Shop/Store: Walkabout Outfitters
“It’s a great store for any outdoor needs.”

Favorite Entertainment: hiking, kayaking, or one of the many music and beer festivals throughout the spring and summer
“Definitely check-out the Red Wing Roots Music Festival.”

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: Goshen Pass/Maury River
“This is the best local whitewater kayaking spot with good sections for everyone, from beginners to more advanced paddlers. It also has great fishing holes!” 

Sam Carter - Herr & Co. Building Contractors
Patrick Carl - Herr & Co. Building Contractors

Patrick Carl, Carpenter/Millwork

Favorite Restaurant: The Little Grill
“Be sure you get there early!”

Favorite Local Shop/Store: Glen’s Fair Price
“It’s a great place for costumes!”

Favorite Entertainment: Clementine
“Good music, drinks, and food!”

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: anywhere in Virginia is beautiful!

Ned Gearing, Carpenter/Superintendent

Favorite Restaurant: The Golden Pony

Favorite Local Shop/Store: Bluestone Bike & Run

Favorite Entertainment: Ruby’s Arcade

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: any and all disc golf courses
“I’ve enjoyed Westover, University Park, Montgomery Hall Park, and Maurertown Park.”

Ned Gearing - Herr & Co. Building Contractors
jon fountain

Jon Fountaine, Carpenter/Superintendent

Favorite Restaurant: Byers Street Bistro
“It has a relaxed atmosphere, live music on certain evenings, and good food.”

Favorite Local Shop/Store: The Meating Place
“This store has quality meats without preservatives.” 

Favorite Entertainment: Catered Poker Nights
“It’s a relaxed way to socialize.”

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: Saint Mary’s Fall’s Trail
“It’s about a 4 mile hike out and back with only about 400 feet in elevation gain.”

Kyle Herr, Carpenter/Superintendent

Favorite Restaurant: Billy Jack’s
“You can’t go wrong with sticky nugs!”

Favorite Local Shop/Store: Midtowne Market

Favorite Entertainment: The Golden Pony
“There is often good local music in the basement.”

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: the Shenandoah River

Kyle Herr - Herr & Co. Building Contractors
Neil Wastie - Herr & Co. Building Contractors

Neil Wastie, Carpenter/Independent Projects

Favorite Restaurant: Bella Luna
“It has artisinal pizzas, and Chef Bogan rocks!”

Favorite Local Shop/Store: Huckleberry Hollow Farm Store
“As a shameless plug: eggs, chicken, beef, lamb, seasonal produce.”

Favorite Entertainment: movies with the kids

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: Mary’s Rock for hiking, and Riven Rock for taking the kids

Justin Yoder, Carpenter/Superintendent

Favorite Restaurant: American Indian Cafe
“It has great food in a relaxed setting, and you get a lot for the price.”

Favorite Local Shop/Store: Friendly City Food Co-op
“It has high quality produce and meats from local farmers.”

Favorite Entertainment: Working for Herr & Co.
“But really, any outdoor activities like hiking, camping, gardening, etc.”

Favorite Hiking/Outdoor Spot: George Washington National Forest
“There are so many places to explore if you’re willing to hike just a mile or two from the main roads.”

Justin Yoder - Herr & Co. Building Contractors