Interior Design: The Key to Your Office’s Success

The impression your office space makes on both customers and employees can make or break your business. Interior design is the strategy behind this impression, and it is critical to any commercial construction project.

Are You Redesigning or Redecorating?

Commercial construction can vary in scale, but each project will involve interior design. It is important to differentiate interior design from interior decoration. In commercial projects, interior design is the spatial planning and accentuating of a business’s brand within a new building or renovation; in this planning, an interior designer usually works closely with an architect and contractor and may even help plan for significant structural changes. With a scientific understanding of peoples’ behavior, an interior designer is trained to manipulate color, texture, natural or artificial lighting, and more to create flow and functionality in a space while bringing the client’s vision to life. Interior decoration is just as it sounds, and while talent and creativity are necessary for a decorator, it does not require formal education or certifications of interior design and is limited to the furnishings within a space.

Size Matters.

Smaller commercial construction projects that seek to rebrand a business usually involve simple interior design updates. An outdated space can be reborn with fresh flooring, paint colors, accents, and other changes made easily by your favorite general contractor. Commercial projects grow in size if a business needs to expand its building to accommodate more employees or showroom space, et cetera. The design principles of both the existing and new structures will need to work together, and an interior designer can make the transition seamless. Of course, the largest commercial construction project is the creation of a building from the ground up. A new building will thrive with the help of a professional interior designer, and the results will last for years to come.

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