Sustainable Harrisonburg Construction Delivers Efficiency With Low Operating Costs.

Enjoy your new construction for years to come with sustainable construction practices such as passive solar and ENERGY STAR® craftsmanship and appliances. Herr & Co. has been employing sustainable building practices since 1988. We add value to your new construction with greater efficiency embedded in the building plan. Each decision is made intentionally about how to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. Building sustainably affords you benefits for years to come. Low operating costs in the long-term translate into greater value for you all while conserving natural resources.

Just Say Yes To Low Maintenance With Construction Done Right.

By using sustainable building practices and products, you are not only lowering heating and cooling costs, but also signing on for low maintenance for the life of your build. Innovative products and appliances designed and warrantied for extended lifetimes are a bonus to building green.

Certified Builders Apply Sustainable Practices To Any Scope Of Work.

Herr & Co. are ENERGY STAR® certified builders. We have the training and experience to increase your construction project’s value with sustainable building practices. Get better solutions from the start with careful consideration of all sustainability aspects built right into your estimate. Our thorough site inspection paired with your vision guides our process as we apply our sustainable practices to deliver the value-added solution.

Sustainable Construction Has Proven Durable And Resilient To Fluctuating Demands And Conditions.

Our process includes delivering options to make your new custom home or commercial build both durable and resilient to strengthening codes and increasing demands for energy. We use the code guidelines as minimum requirements. To extend the function of your build, we exceed codes to provide a more solid build as well as prepare for future shifts toward strengthened code requirements. As energy demands increase with technological advances, we keep an eye to the places you can save with greater efficiency. We advocate saving energy and money without losing quality.

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