Home Remodeling Improves Healthy Indoor Living In Harrisonburg.

Modern building codes and technological innovations combine in a powerful way to improve your home’s air quality for healthy indoor living spaces. New air filters and HVAC system enhancements provide cleaner air for healthier inhabitants. Home remodeling gives you the chance to turn your beloved home into a more stylish, healthier, and functional space for your family, while enjoying the lasting benefits of staying in a location you already know and love. Herr & Co. specializes in bringing to life your home remodel vision for healthier indoor living.

Sustainable Construction Practices Add Value To Your Healthier Home Remodel.

Preparing to remodel means you have some decisions to make. Using experts in sustainable construction practices gives you the advantage of long-lasting building with an eye to saving you in energy costs for years to come and increased health and wellness. The value of working with contractors who already know how to apply green building principles to your remodel is in knowing which products and practices are right for you. For cleaner air and a healthier environment, sit back and let the experts give you great options for features that make your remodel functional and stylish.

Herr & Co. Are Licensed Contractors Who Handle All The Details For Peace Of Mind.

Remodeling a home you live in can pose some inconveniences. Herr & Co. works with you to determine the right timing of your home remodel for healthy indoor living. Minimize the surprises with a thorough site inspection and clear estimates for the scope of work and timeline necessary to complete your home remodel. Our process starts with your vision and budget. We manage the permits, inspections, coordination of subcontractors, and quality control. Our weekly and as-needed meetings give you real-time updates on progress and timeline. You are in the know and we are in the details!

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