Starting A Home Remodel

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Bumping elbows, crowded kitchens, and bathroom lines. Sometimes the holidays can remind us it is time for a little more space. Fortunately, expanding does not have to mean buying or building a new home. It can be as simple as changing the home you already love. This may seem like the worst time of year to start a home remodel, but a good local contractor can make any time the right time.

So, you know you need change. Will this change mean adding space? Completely rearranging your home layout? Making more sustainable choices? There are several approaches to making your home work best for you, and we can show you where to start.

Who Do I Call First?

Whether you know your exact needs or not, Herr & Co. recommends you start your home remodel with a reputable local contractor. In an industry dependent on relationships, your general contractor will have a list of architects and subcontractors who will best compliment your ideas and the scope of your project.

Herr & Co. welcomes your ideas and helps you every step of the way. Owner Jim Herr enjoys meeting with prospective clients and discussing everything from your budget to fine details. Our process begins with this open conversation, no matter the size of your project.

How Do I Choose a General Contractor?

Not in the Shenandoah Valley or surrounding area? Herr & Co. can still help you choose the right general contractor. Here is a great checklist to help you find the right professional for your home remodel.

  • They Are Licensed

    This adds reputability and ensures your project will be done correctly and to code. Herr & Co. is founded and run by Class A licensed contractors and has a crew certified by the Associated General Contractors (AGC).

  • They Have Quick Communication

    A professional and attentive company will quickly answer your phone calls and emails.

  • They Are Insured

    This covers the company in the event of a personal liability during your project.

  • They Can Provide a Start Date and Time Estimate

    An accurate start date and estimated length of your project indicate clear communication both within the company and with subcontractors.

  • They Can Provide A Cost Estimate

    The ability to provide an itemized estimate and clearly illustrate where prices are coming from indicates transparent communication that helps you best understand and keep track of your home remodel.

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Ultimately, you must feel comfortable with your general contractor choice. Ask around, check reviews, and speak with them about any questions you may have. Herr & Co. takes pride in developing trust with each and every client. Your home is your largest investment, and we are here to help you grow its worth.