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It’s Time for Your Foundation Repair

Foundation damage can transform your home from a safe environment to a hazardous one. Even the slightest crack can lead to pervasive damage inside, ranging from tangible water damage to poor air quality that has lasting health effects. Timely foundation repair may be your ticket to safe air in your home, as well as a home without structural fatigue.

If you think your home has a compromised foundation or water damage, do not hesitate to call a professional. Call Immediately! Your foundation is the backbone for your home, and with each rainstorm or humid day, that backbone takes a beating.

How to Find Foundation Damage

My house does not have a basement. How can I tell if I need a foundation repair?

There are many signs of a unstable foundation, such as:

  • Cracks

    Cracked walls, floors, and tiles are often signs of an unstable foundation, especially if the cracks are major.

  • Slope

    Sloping floors show that the house is settling differently and could be a sign of bigger issues.

  • Separation

    Decks, porches, and exterior stairs pulling away from the house are giveaways for a failing foundation.

  • Water Leaks

    If you are noticing water leaks in your basement, they can often be red flags for a compromised foundation.

Foundation Repair and Masonry by Herr & Co. Building Contractors

Herr & Company has an extensive portfolio in repairing both old and new home foundations. We are one of very few certified Fortress Stabilization Systems installers in our area and are happy to evaluate any foundation.

The Expense

Customers often assume that a cracked foundation requires the need for excavation, and they get caught in the cost of a project before even getting a professional opinion. Excavating is not always the solution. An expert will have an engineer evaluate the foundation and determine what can be done. In most scenarios excavating can be minimized if not eliminated. Often, carbon fiber straps can re-stabilize a foundation (hence, our fondness of and certification to install the Fortress Stabilization Systems).

Do-It-Yourself fixes often cause more issues then they solve. Trust your foundation repair to our professional teams at Herr & Company.

Your home is your biggest investment, and Herr & Company understands that. We are a local contracting company, family-owned and operated since 1988. Our staff will walk you through each step and develop a personal remedy for your home.

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